Central Baptist Church

  The Grove, Stratford, London E15 1EN

With Christ – the same world, a new existence

Duration: 36 minutes
Colossians 3:1-4
Following on from ‘In Christ‘ this talk picks up what it means to be ‘With Christ’. Colossians 3 speaks of a spiritual reality of being ‘With Christ’ that has practical benefits for your current life on earth and provides us with a firm hope for the future.
The story of Hiroo Onoda is used as an illustration.

Download and listen to offline.

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  • […] We need to start adjusting our thought pattern to match those of someone whose life is hidden with Christ in God. Do you know what the bible teaches about worry, fear, money, your protection, your attitude to loving people in Christ and even those who are not in Christ? We are supposed to love them all – and God has made this possible for those who are with Christ (Romans 5:5). But we need to get ‘with Him’. For more on this please listen to the talk online […]

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