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Faith – Evidence for God

Pointers to the existence of God
Topical_studyDuration: 35 Minutes (audio)
In Romans 1:20 the apostle Paul mentions that we can perceive God in the things He has made.
This talk examines 8 of these things and argues that they all present reasons why we should believe in a God who created the world.

1. Creation – origin of the universe
2. Fine-tuning of the universe
3. There is an order and structure
4. Morality – a longing for justice
5. An inbuilt longing for God
6. The beauty of the world
7. God as a person
8. Eternity

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Further reading
Alister E. Mcgrath (Author)
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  • Jackie Trotman says:

    Really enjoyed your talk, found it extremely moving in fact it brought tears to my eyes and I really pray that it pointed some people towards the truth – God bless you.

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